English Grammar Review

I know I need one, so maybe you do to.

A. NOUN - name of a person, place or thing
B. VERB - action word - i.e. running, jumping, speaking, and so on.
C. ADJECTIVE - describes a noun - i.e. sloppy, large, beautiful, and so on.
D. PROUNOUN - takes the place of a noun (ie: he, she, it, etc)

Uses of nouns:

E. SUBJECT - who did the action
F. DIRECT OBJECT - what the action was done to
G. INDIRECT OBJECT - who received the direct object.
H. POSSESSIVE - indicates belonging to
I. PREPOSITION - words like 'in, into, over, under,' and so on
J. You also have a 'prepositional phrase'
k. ADVERB - describes a verb - i.e. swiftly, deftly.

Here's an example of how these come together:

Tom threw to Jane a big ball:
Subject (Tom), Verb (threw), Noun - indirect object (Jane), adjective (big), noun - direct object (ball)

* The indirect object is also called 'Dative.' A clue to which is the dative is the word'to.' A clue to some possessives is the word 'of,' i.e. "the book of Jane' (Jane's book).